U.S. Department of Energy Authorizes Eagle Maxville Facility LNG Exports

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  • 18 Sep, 2017

On September 15, 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy announced that it has approved a long-term application from Eagle LNG to export LNG to FTA and non-FTA countries.

Eagle LNG has been authorized to export U.S. produced LNG in ISO containers loaded at the Maxville Facility located in Jacksonville, Florida, to anywhere in the world not prohibited by U.S. law or policy.

Eagle Maxville sought authorization to export up to a total of 2.8 Bcf/yr of natural gas (0.01 Bcf/d) to FTA and non-FTA countries. The U.S. DOE order authorizes the export of LNG in the full amount requested, up to the equivalent of 2.8 Bcf/yr of natural gas.

According to Eagle LNG the Maxville Facility primarily will produce LNG for use as marine fuel for domestic markets, but Eagle Maxville also seeks to export any remaining output to markets in the Caribbean Basin and elsewhere in the region.

Eagle LNG started construction of theMaxville LNG plant in May of 2016. Eagle LNG is in the final stages of completing the Maxville plant with commissioning activities underway.  Commercial operations are expected to begin in October 2017.

Eagle LNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP and privately-held by The Energy & Minerals Group. 

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