New Toshiba Business with a focus on U.S. LNG Exports

  • By Admin
  • 04 Aug, 2017

Toshiba America, Inc. publicly announced the formation of Toshiba America LNG Corporation.  Toshiba America LNG Corporation will be a new operating company that will focus on the U.S. LNG market.

Toshiba America LNG Corporation is responsible for coordinating and assembling the necessary infrastructure chain to produce US LNG which can then be marketed by the broader Toshiba group to key focus geographies such as Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

To facilitate this role, Toshiba America LNG Corporation will be one of five tolling customers at the Freeport LNG project in Quintana, Texas. Toshiba has also entered into a pipeline capacity agreement with an affiliate of the Enbridge Corporation to bring US natural gas to the Freeport LNG facility and with Gulf LNG for tug services. Over the coming months and years, Toshiba America LNG Corporation will be entering into additional arrangements to facilitate the delivery of US LNG.

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