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Kinetrex Energy is the largest provider of LNG in the Midwest. 

Based in Indianapolis the company operates two manufacturing plants with 24 million LNG gallons of total storage capacity.

Now you can power your high-horsepower operations with natural gas whether you have access to a pipeline or not.
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Kinetrex Energy LNG
Kinetrex Energy transportation and equipment partners have made LNG a simple turnkey solution for the Midwest.  

Kinetrex Energy is eager to speak with you about making LNG your fuel of choice. Please submit the form below and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

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Kinetrex LNG is a reliable alternative to diesel, waste oil and propane.
A Turnkey LNG Fuel Solution 
Kinetrex Energy LNG for Fuel
Kinetrex Energy LNG  for Fuel

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