One Mini LNG plant consists of ten containers, including feed gas purification, liquefaction, and LNG storage.  Because the plants are modular it is possible to move them from one plant site to another if needed.  The units are easy to install with bolt connections between containers and there are no heavy concrete foundations required for the equipment.  WSCE MiniLNG plants are affordable and all the equipment in each unit container is manufactured and tested in house. 




Applications:  Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Heavy-duty Trucking, Marine, Rail, Virtual Pipelines, Barges, Ferries, Railroad Locomotives, Delivery fleets, Drilling rigs, Distribution to nearby LNG Fueling Stations and any need you may have for small scale LNG production. 

Gas Sources: Pipeline Gas, Wellhead Gas/Shale Gas, Coal Bed Methane, Landfill gas


Currently there are three different standard Mini LNG Plant configurations -

MiniLNG-1    4,000 US Gallons a day (Lead Time 4 Months)

MiniLNG-3 12,000 US Gallons a day (Lead Time 6 Months)

MiniLNG-5 20,000 US Gallons a day (Lead Time 8 Months)

Process Type: Mixed Refrigerant Cycle, WSCE-MRC with High Efficiency comparable to larger LNG plants. There are no high speed cryogenic turbines in the cold box.

What is Included: Plants include the gas power generators, two 100 m3 LNG Tanks, gas purification, refrigerant compression and LNG liquefaction systems. 

Size of containers: 2.4m X 6.0m x 2.9m, 2.4m x 8.0 x 2.9, and  2.4m x 2.4m x 8m (Width x Length x Height)

Average weight of containers: 3 Tons

Number of Containers for each plant: 10

Footprint: 1200 square meters for all gas processing units meeting fire protection code standards

Man Power: One operator on each shift


 Above: Mini LNG Plant Components at Manufacturing Facility


Below: Flow Diagram of Standard Containerized Mini LNG Plant



If you have questions regarding MiniLNG plants from WSCE please contact LNG Global below:  

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