Yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt sent letters to state governors advising them that they are under no obligation to adhere to the Clean Power Plan (CPP) rule.

The EPA statement noted Pruitt fulfilled a promise of cooperative federalism. Acting on President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order, Environmental Protection Agency States have no obligation to spend resources to comply with a rule that has been stayed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

“The days of coercive federalism are over,” the letter reads.  “Accordingly, I look forward to working with you, your state experts and local communities as we develop a path forward to improve our environment and bolster the economy in a manner that is respectful of and consistent with the rule of law.”

See EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's March 30, 2017 letter to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, providing guidance with respect to implementation of the Clean Power Plan here.  (Link to PDF)

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