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NG Advantage contract to deliver CNG to International Paper’s Ticonderoga, N.Y. mill

NG Advantage, a Clean Energy company, announced this week that it has signed a contract to work with International Paper to deliver compressed natural gas to International Paper’s Ticonderoga, N.Y. mill.

According to a company statement NG Advantage will deliver CNG to the mill using its Virtual Pipeline which consists of compressor stations located on natural gas pipelines, a fleet of specially designed carbon fiber CNG trailers, and off-loading and monitoring equipment which NG Advantage is installing at the mill. Deliveries will begin in May of 2015.

International Paper initially awarded this contract to NG Advantage in order to begin using natural gas prior to the completion of a planned natural gas pipeline.  International Paper decided to cancel the pipeline project for cost reasons according to NG Advantage.

The company has issued a new RFP for a long term trucked-CNG contract, starting when the current contract with NG Advantage ends. NG Advantage is a bidder for the long term contract as well.

The mill is currently International Paper’s largest US plant without access to natural gas. Natural gas is expected to displace at least 32,000 gallons of fuel oil a day during this contract. The gas will be used to run the mill’s kiln and power boiler.

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Port of Rotterdam Authority sign Memorandum of Understanding to jointly collaborate on research and development

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday to exchange information on marine services and to jointly collaborate on research and development in the areas of service efficiency and optimization in the maritime and port sectors.

The MOU will cover the following areas:

-Research and Development: To jointly collaborate on R&D relating to service efficiency and optimization and new developments in the maritime and port sectors, such as LNG bunkering, green shipping and port optimization

-Information Exchange: On standards, procedures and regulatory frameworks of bunkering and other marine services, including the use of information technology, to facilitate services to vessels

The MOU was signed by Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive, MPA, and Mr Allard Castelein, President and CEO, Port of Rotterdam Authority, at the Port Authorities Roundtable today, organized by MPA in conjunction with the 10th Singapore Maritime Week.

 Mr Andrew Tan, MPA Chief Executive, and Mr Allard Castelein, President and CEO of the Port of Rotterdam

Above: Mr Andrew Tan, MPA Chief Executive, and Mr Allard Castelein, President and CEO of the Port of Rotterdam 

General Dynamics NASSCO launches LNG powered containership

On April 18th, 2015 General Dynamics NASSCO launched the Isla Bella, the world's first LNG-powered containership. More than 3,400 shipbuilders, their families, and others attended the special event at the San Diego-based shipyard. The containership, part of a two-ship contract, was built for TOTE.  It was NASSCO's 100th launch. 

As part of a two-ship contract signed in 2012 with TOTE, the 764-foot long Marlin-class containership will be the largest dry cargo ships of any kind in the world powered by liquefied natural gas.

The Jones Act-qualified ships will operate between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Propulsion Plant

Main Engine Type: ............. Dual Fuel Slow Speed (x1)

Main Engine Model: ..................MAN 8L70ME-C8.2-GI

Main Engine MCR:................... 25,191 kW x 104.0 rpm

Main Engine NCR: ..................... 21,412 kW x 98.5 rpm

Aux Engine Type: ......... Dual Fuel Medium Speed (x3)

Speed: ................................................................ 22.0 knots

Principal Characteristics

Length Overall: ...................................................... 233.0 m

Breadth: ................................................................... 32.2 m

Depth: .......................................................................18.3 m

Draft: .........................................................................10.5 m

nassco lng launch

nassco lng launch2

Rhine Port Group Report - LNG: Guidelines and recommendations for Emergency Response Organizations

Today, the Rhine Port Group handed over the first edition of their study (LNG: Guidelines and recommendations for Emergency Response Organizations) to Mr. Specht, 1st Major of the City of Mannheim and dedicated chief of the fire department. The Rhine Port Group consists of the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp, the Port of Mannheim, the Port of Strasbourg and the Port of Switzerland.

LNG: Guidelines and recommendations for Emergency Response Organizations informs emergency response organizations how to prepare themselves to manage credible LNG incidents on inland navigation along the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor. The target group of the study is emergency responders in the inland waterway transport sector, consisting of emergency response organizations such as fire brigades and port authorities. This study was executed under the EU-funded project ‘LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube’.

The document consists of two main parts. The desk study of existing technology and state of readiness in the Rhine Ports and guidelines for LNG incident preparedness education and training.  The report can be downloaded free of charge on the LNG Masterplan website in English, German, French and Dutch languages.

Download:  LNG: Guidelines and recommendations for Emergency Response Organizations.

Video - Shell’s first LNG filling station in the Netherlands


General Dynamics NASSCO Starts Construction on Third American Petroleum ECO Tanker

Last week General Dynamics NASSCO announced the start of construction of a third "ECO" tanker to be built for American Petroleum Tankers at a steel cutting ceremony at NASSCO's San Diego-based shipyard.

General Dynamics NASSCO  noted as part of a five-tanker contract, the new ECO tankers solidify a mutual commitment between General Dynamics NASSCO and American Petroleum Tankers to design, build and operate innovative and increased energy efficient and fuel-saving products. Each of the five 50,000 deadweight ton product carriers to be constructed by NASSCO will be LNG-conversion ready and will carry 330,000 barrels of cargo. With a specialized ECO design, the tankers are more energy efficient and incorporate environmental protection features, including a Ballast Water Treatment System.

"This is an exciting time in the U.S. maritime industry. These Jones Act product tankers demonstrate implementation of state-of-the-art design technologies that achieve world-leading fuel efficiencies and also represent new jobs in our shipyard," said Parker Larson, director of commercial programs for NASSCO.

General Dynamics NASSCO pointed out the five-tanker contract is instrumental in helping to sustain and grow NASSCO's workforce of nearly 3,800. NASSCO began construction on the first tanker under the current contract in September 2014.

"We are very pleased to be commencing construction of our third ECO Class tanker at NASSCO. These world class vessels will be a welcome addition to the APT fleet as we continue to strive toward providing our customers with the highest level of service," said Rob Kurz, president of American Petroleum Tankers.

The new construction and operation of the new vessels are aligned with the Jones Act, requiring ships carrying cargo between U.S. ports to be built, crewed and owned by the U.S.

LNG Powered Containership to be launched at General Dynamics NASSCO for TOTE on April 18th, 2015

General Dynamics NASSCO announced yesterday the launch of the LNG powered containership being built by the company for TOTE will take place Saturday, April 18, 2015.  The launch will take place at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego, California.

As part of a two-ship contract signed in 2012 with TOTE, when completed the 764-foot long Marlin-class containerships will be the largest dry cargo ships of any kind in the world powered by liquefied natural gas according to General Dynamics NASSCO.

Upon delivery in late-2015, the Jones Act-qualified ships will operate between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

tote lng ship

Above: Artist's rendering of TOTE-1. Image: General Dynamics NASSCO

Gate terminal starts construction of LNG break bulk facility at the port of Rotterdam

Gate terminal announced yesterday the ceremonial start of the construction activities for the new LNG break bulk infrastructure at its site at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam has begun with the excavation of a new harbor basin next to Gate terminal. The new facility is expected to boost the use of liquefied natural gas as a cleaner and affordable transportation fuel in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe according to a Gate terminal statement.  

Break bulk, or small-scale, services aim to split up large-scale LNG shipments into smaller parcels. This enables the distribution and use of LNG as a fuel alternative for maritime vessels, ferries, trucks and industrial applications. The final result will put Rotterdam in place as a European hub for the complete LNG supply chain. The project adds an important step in achieving the goals of the ‘Green Deal Rhine and Wadden’, a partnership between the Dutch government, business and knowledge institutes aimed at promoting green growth. In 2016, a full scope of supply services for LNG will be available in the port of Rotterdam.

The Port of Rotterdam noted Shell has committed to buy capacity from Gate terminal which has enabled this investment in the terminal expansion. Shell has recently ordered a specialized LNG bunker vessel, to supply LNG-fuelled vessels in Northwest Europe. The new vessel will be based at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and will load from the new LNG break bulk infrastructure. “The new infrastructure will enable us to further improve our service to customers,” says Dick Benschop, president director of Shell Netherlands. “We expect LNG will form a bigger part of the transport fuel mix in the future.”

The project is key to facilitate LNG distribution and to secure LNG supply in Northwest European ports, such as Gothenburg. The maritime connection between Rotterdam and this area is regarded as a part of the EU ‘motorways of the sea’ concept and has therefore been selected for co-financing under the European Union's TEN-T program. 

gate lng

Above: Gate terminal starts construction of LNG break bulk facility at the port of Rotterdam 

Raven Transport to Deploy 115 Additional LNG Trucks

Clean Energy Fuels Corp today announced one of their customers Raven Transport is expanding its natural gas fleet with 115 Peterbilt Model 579s powered by liquefied natural gas. Clean Energy noted it will support this fleet by opening fueling stations in Atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama, Pearl, Mississippi and Theodore, Alabama.

“Raven is rising to the challenge to move our customers’ goods with clean-burning fuel. Industry-leading shippers continue to set the standard in sustainable logistics, and today’s announcement enables Raven to accommodate these high standards,” said Stephen Silverman, chief operating officer for Raven Transport.

Raven purchased its expanded natural gas truck fleet from Rush Truck Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Another Rush Enterprises company, then completed the installation of Chart LNG fuel systems purchased through Clean Energy’s tank pricing program.  Clean Energy noted the fleet will operate on irregular routes originating from production plants and distribution centers in the Southeast and is forecasted to consume approximately 2.4 million additional DGEs of LNG annually.

“We’re proud to provide Raven Transport with our aerodynamic Model 579s powered by LNG, the newest addition to our industry-leading portfolio of natural gas vehicles,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager, Sales and Marketing. “Peterbilt continues to partner with environmental and alternative fuel leaders as we develop advanced vehicle technologies and solutions to meet their full range of needs.”

raven lng

Above: New Raven Transport LNG trucks outside Peterbilt Motors assembly plant in Denton, Texas. (Photo: Business Wire)

Shell opens two more LNG truck fueling stations in US

Shell announced today the opening of new LNG lanes at two TravelCenters of America truck fueling stations in the US. Located in Baytown, Texas and in Lafayette, Louisiana. The locations offer an LNG refueling option to trucks driving to the Port of Houston and through Louisiana according to a Shell statement.  The two stations follow Ontario, California, which was the first site to open LNG lanes under the Shell-TA agreement last year. 

“It is great to see LNG fuel now being offered at these two stations,” said Elen Phillips, Vice President Fuels Sales and Marketing, North America, for Shell. “LNG can be a good choice for truck owners and more are making the switch to LNG. With each new site, we are pleased to be driving the development of safe and cost-efficient LNG fueling technology.”

Shell noted as customer demand grows in the US, Shell and TravelCenters of America plan to open additional truck fuelling lanes. “We see an opportunity in using LNG as a lower cost and cleaner fuel alternative to diesel, and expect the strengthening supply chain in North America to give customers reassurance that LNG is becoming a bigger part of the transport fuel mix,” said Shell’s Christian Buelow, General Manager Downstream LNG, Americas. “Shell continues to look in to the commercial opportunity of supplying LNG fuel to customers in the region – both marine and road transport customers.”

“We are very happy to have opened our Baytown and Lafayette LNG lanes,” shared Tom O’Brien, President and CEO of TravelCenters. “All of our LNG lanes are ‘super lanes’ in that they are equipped to dispense LNG, diesel and DEF. Because super lanes are integrated with existing fuel lanes, we do not interrupt truck traffic flow, or reduce available truck parking spaces.  We now have six truck repair and maintenance facilities that perform repair and maintenance on LNG and CNG vehicles.”

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