On August 26th, 2013 Cheniere Energy, Inc. submitted a monthly construction progress report for the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The report covered activities occurring during the month of July, 2013.

The project report stated stage 1 engineering is now 72% complete; procurement is 65% complete; subcontract and direct hire construction work are 25.5% and 3.3% complete.  Overall Train 1 & 2 project progress is 40.2% complete against a plan of 38.3%. The project is slightly ahead of the target EPC schedule. Cheniere stated the project progress continues to support the achievement of the scheduled substantial completion dates for Trains 1 and 2, which remain as February 2016 and June 2016.

Project Highlights from the FERC Report:

In July, engineering completed the IFC of equipment location plans for Trains 1 & 2 ISBL, continued to progress the 90% model reviews and issued key engineering IFC documents including: equipment location plans, pile location, foundations, steel, and electrical cable tray and grounding drawings. For Trains 3 & 4, engineering started model development, continued to progress the IFC of piles and equipment location plans.

Procurement to-date has shipped over 350 tons of fabricated pipe to the site, as well as all of the Train 1 propane condenser bays. Fifty-two purchase orders for Trains 3 & 4 have been awarded to date, including pipe spool fabrication and dry / wet flares.

Subcontracts facilitated Stage 1 soil improvement, piling, field erected tanks, ready mix concrete, construction tents and onsite concrete batch plant. The medical services subcontract was awarded in July. For Stage 2, Subcontracts awarded the piling subcontract and issued the RFP for the Bus Transportation services.

Construction progressed with Train 1 installation of structural concrete, structural steel erection, the setting of the air coolers on the propane rack, and the installation of underground piping. Train 2 continued with the installation of structural concrete and structural steel erection. OSBL areas progressed structural foundations for piperacks.

Sabine Pass LNG

Above: Sabine Pass Train 1 area 131N (propane condenser) (23-July 2013)  source: FERC  

Below: Construction notes from FERC Sabine Pass July 2013 Construction Progress Report




Planned Work for Next Reporting Period

Liquefaction Stage 1 Area - Train 1

• Continued pile driving activities1

• Continued steel erection for Train 1 131N01 (propane condenser area).

• Several pedestals for the 131A01 (compressor area) were completed this period.

• Grounding connections and mud mats were poured in a number of areas as well.

• The erection of the coolers/fans on top of the 131N (propane condenser area rack) neared completion with the setting of all but 4 or the air coolers.

• The installation of above ground piping began in Train 1 this month in the 131N propane area.

• Work activities continued for underground pipe installation around Train 1 and OSBL.

• Continue driving piles.

• Continue erection of structural steel.

Liquefaction Stage 1 Area - Train 2

• Completion of all area foundations for Area 132A and the foundation for Area 132M.

• Structural steel erection in 132N01 (propane condenser) continued.

• Grounding connections and mudmats were poured in areas where pile work has completed.

• Continue erection of structural steel.

Liquefaction Stage 2 Area - Trains 3 & 4

• Continue warehouse and control room work.

• Continue mixing for soil stabilization.

Support Buildings Area

• A water truck was operated for dust control, as necessary, throughout the site.

• Continue constructing the main outfall on Duck Blind Road.

• Continued stringing and welding pipe for the waterline HDD along Center Levee Road.

• Continue warehouse and control room work.

Access Roads, Waterline

• Subcontractors continue to mobilize personnel and equipment to the site.

• Continued pile driving activities.

• Dust control will continue.

• Construction of outfall will continue.

• Waterline scheduled to begin HDD end of July.

Laydown, Staging Areas

• Continued to receive and offload pile barges at the construction dock.

• Contractors will continue to mobilize personnel and equipment.

Construction Dock (Ro-Ro)


• Continue to receive

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