CE FLNG, LLC application For Long-Term Multi-Contract Authorizations To Export Liquefied Natural Gas To Free Trade Agreement and Non-Free Trade Agreement Nations

September 27th, 2012 - On September 21st, 2012 Cambridge Energy Group Limited submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy through its subsidiary CE FLNG, LLC, an application to export LNG from the United States. The application is for long-term multi-contract authorization to export on its own behalf and as agent for others, up to a total of 8 million metric tons per of natural gas per year of domestically produced liquefied natural gas for a thirty year period.

CE FLNG is seeking separate long-term multi-contract authorizations to export from its proposed CE FLNG Terminal to be located in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana to (1) any nation that currently has or that develops the capacity to import LNG via ocean-going carrier and with which the United States currently has, or in the future may enter into, a Free Trade Agreement (“FTA”) requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas or LNG and (2) any nation with which the United States does not have a FTA (“non-FTA”) requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas or LNG with which trade is not prohibited by United States law or policy.