During January 2017 AB Klaipėdos Nafta reloaded 625 thousand tons of petroleum products into its storage tanks of Klaipeda oil terminal and Subacius oil terminal.  This is 21.1 percent less compared to January 2016, when 792 thousand tons were reloaded. The transhipment decrease is related with the lower volume of petroleum products delivered from Belorussia refineries.

According to AB Klaipėdos Nafta, 619 thousand MWh of natural gas was re-gasified and supplied to the natural gas transmission system during January 2016.  This is 42.2 percent less compared to January 2016, when 1.071 thousand MWh of the natural gas were re-gasified. The volume decreased because terminal users ordered lower capacities.

The preliminary sales revenues of the company’s LNG Terminal for January 2017 was EUR 5.8 million (January 2016 – EUR 6.1 million).

Petroleum products transhipment and LNG re-gasification

2017 2016 Change, %
Petroleum products transhipment, thousand tons 625 792 -21.1%
LNG re-gasification, thousand MWh 619 1,071 -42.2%

Preliminary revenues of the Company, EUR million

2017 2016 Change, %
Klaipeda oil terminal activity 2.6 3.9 -33.3%
Subacius fuel base activity 0.2 0.2 0.0%
LNG terminal activity 5.8 6.1 -4.9%
Total: 8.6 10.2 -15.7%

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