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Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc. (“HTAW”) specializes in manufacturing and sales of cryogenic tanks and equipment for the North American LNG industry.

  • ISO containers
  • Bulk storage stationary tanks up to 500 m3 volume
  • Vertical and horizontal format
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Hitachi LNG Tanks and ISO Containers

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With over 30 years of experience in transporting LNG by truck, rail and ship in Japan, HTAW is pleased to offer its LNG handling expertise and unparalleled safety record to the North American market.

LNG Rail ISO Tanks

LNG Rail ISO Tanks

Above: First ISO containers to transport LNG by rail in North America supplied by HTAW

Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc. (HTAW) is a joint venture established by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation and Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc.

Hitachi LNG Tanks and ISO Containers Manufacturing 

HTAW has strategic manufacturing relationships with world class cryogenic facilities around the globe which enables them to leverage production know-how and manufacturing expertise from Japan’s leading cryogenic tank manufacturer and some of the world’s most experienced cryogenic companies. 

Hitachi LNG Tanks and ISO Containers

HTAW utilizes its global resources though its partner companies to provide cutting edge technology and superior quality LNG mobile and stationary tanks and equipment, at very competitive prices. 

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 Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc.
#1930 – 777 Hornby Street, Vancouver,  B.C.
Canada  V6Z-1S4 
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